About Dr. Zaneta Brown Ingles

My Background

My credentials include: Bachelor of Arts-BA, English, a Master of Arts and Teaching-MAT, Education and a Doctor of Education-Ed.D., Higher Education and Administration. My certifications include: Advanced Professional Certificate in Teaching (English 7-12) and a Standard K-12 Certificate in Administration. 

My Experience

I have worked in the field of education for eighteen years. I have supported school reform initiatives in the for-profit and non-profit sectors as a supervisor and director. I have also taught in the K-16 environment in a hybrid model.

My Passion

I am an avid researcher and when I am not looking for ways to improve teaching and learning, I am writing books or collaborating on professional development ventures overseas.

Mission Statement

Premier Learning Solutions was developed to provide innovative and strategic thinking to solve the equity and equality gap which exists in education.

Vision Statement

To support our partners' goals in education through a platform of strategies that will transform and transcend instructional practices.